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Discover Website AI, the future of web design

Welcome to Website AI! We're at the forefront of revolutionizing the web design industry. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, we're transforming the way businesses and individuals create their online presence. Our commitment is to make website building intuitive, efficient, and accessible to everyone. Dive into our journey and see how we're making a difference in the digital landscape.

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Assure Defi KYC

We are proud to announce that we have been fully KYC verified by the trusted Assure DeFi.

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Tools We Provide

View the different ways to interact with Website Ai.

Tools Images
WebsiteAI Dapp

WebsiteAI's Dapp allows for website creation directly on our site, catering to both Web2 and Web3 audiences. It functions similarly to our Telegram Bot but is designed for those not familiar with Telegram.

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AI Tools

Our new tools online dashboard provides powerful AI tools for website creation, including AI Image generation, Storage and AI Templates, all designed to streamline the process and enhance user experience.

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Telegram Bot

Our Telegram Bot features a seamless and response UI for designing websites and integrates AI for content generation, providing a highly efficient and simple AI-powered website creation proces accessible to anyone.

Features We Offer

Experience the next generation of website building with our cutting-edge features.

AI Assistance Icon
AI Assistance

Our AI assists in generating content, write-ups, and descriptions tailored to your needs.

Custom Images Icon
Custom Images

Integrate your logos or let our AI design images based on your descriptions.

Easy Hosting Icon
Easy Hosting

Choose between our in-house hosting or integrate with your preferred platform.

SEO Implementation Icon
SEO Implementation

Optimize your website's visibility with our in-built SEO protocols.

Source Code Access Icon
Full Source Code Access

Once your website is ready, download the full source code for customization.

Custom Styling Icon
Custom Styling

Future updates will allow you to modify your website's theme with a click.

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Partner Integrations

Showcasing Website AI's Web2 Partner list & how they dramatically benefit our product

It's important to note that since all of our partnerships, it's easy to lose track of how exactly each benefits our product in different aspects.

Above are the core functionalities of how exactly each partner program benefits Website AI in both product development and brand awareness for the future.

Amazon AWS, DropBox, Microsoft Portal are all already integrated within the Website AI dApp, maximizing efficiency massively since pre-integration.

Our Shopify marketplace has been tested and will be made available for those who wish to create websites for e-commerce purposes soon.

Additionally, we're in talks with VCs that NVIDIA's inception program has brought to light for us.

Each partnership works in their unique ways to better both our product and project in general.

Wordpress Comparison

Website AI vs Industry leading Competitors

A clear comparison between an industry leading competitor, WordPress, valued at $600 Billion with Website AI.

It's time AI dominates this Industry with storm and takes a cut of the Market valuation.

Website AI can't even be compared with competitors within the DeFi / Web3 space because there aren't any, we are entirely a first mover in this space.

We are not only changing the DeFi ecosystem entirely, but we're also shaping an Industry that has been prominent within the last 20 years.

There has been no other Website builder which has obtained over 5500 + Active users within their first two months of public release, ever. Let that sink in.

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Max Wallet


Liquidity Lock

12 Months With UNCX

Product roadmap

A product roadmap shows the path ahead, helps teams plan, and guides the delivery of the product.

Q4 2023 Completion:
  • ✅ Revamped UI for an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • ✅ Telegram Dashboard Interface optimised
  • ✅ Website AI dApp creation, mirrored through Telegram UI
  • ✅ Custom domains within Website creations
  • ✅ B2B Product Partnerships & Integrations for enhanced performance
  • ✅ Recognised by leading Web2 tech corporations
  • ✅ Gamification earnings through Website Creation
  • ✅ Website creation speed times increased by 50%
  • ✅ Revenue Share program implemented
  • ✅ 32% total $WEBAI supply within the Staking Pool
  • ✅ IOS/Android App TestNet complete
  • ✅ Leveraged collaborative efforts for mutual growth and innovation
  • ✅ Incorporating Fiat payment gateways for seamless transactions
  • ✅ Google Chrome Website building extension
  • ✅ Initialisation of Web2 Advertisements for our product
  • ✅ 5500+ Active Website AI Users
  • ✅ 500+ Websites created
  • ✅ 350,000+ Social Impressions
  • ✅ Website AI Tools released including leading AI Image Gen
  • ✅ 3000+ $WEBAI holders
  • ✅ Explored potential launchpad integrations for broader reach.
  • ✅ SEO Implementation
  • ✅ AI self-learning assistance
Q1 2024
  • 🔥 Website AI Bot 2.20 Update
  • 🔥 30+ Website Template Variety
  • 🔥 dApp Optimisation 2.0
  • 🔥 Multi-Language options for the Website Builder
  • 🔥 Microsoft Store integration
  • 🔥 Website AI Affiliate Program
  • 🔥 Shopify Marketplace integration live
  • 🔥 Voice-to-text AI Implementation
  • 🔥 Entire AI generation for Website Creation
  • 🔥 Mass Scale into Web2 Industries through conservative collaborations & monetisation schemes
  • 🔥 Implement Website AI Profit Sharing Program
  • 🔥 IOS / Android Website App live
  • 🔥 Heavy B2B/C Marketing
  • 🔥 Platform Integrations & Sales boosts
  • 🔥 Multiple Language Telegram Communities
  • 🔥 Enhanced e-commerce capabilities for Website AI users
  • 🔥 Enhanced user engagement through incentive-driven initiatives
  • 🔥 5000+ $WEBAI Holders
  • 🔥 15,000+ Active Users
  • 🔥 2500+ Websites Created
  • 🔥 WBS Dubai Sponsorship
  • 🔥 Website AI Educational Platform

Our Pricing

We offer two tiers, free and premium!


0% Token Holdings

  • check Multiple Templates
  • check Telegram Web Builder
  • check Free Hosting
  • check Source Code Access
  • check Custom Images
  • cross Style Configurator
  • cross AI Text Generation
  • cross AI Image Generation
  • cross Custom FTP Uploads

0.1% Token Holdings

  • check Multiple Templates
  • check Telegram Web Builder
  • check Free Hosting
  • check Source Code Access
  • check Custom Images
  • check Style Configurator
  • check AI Text Generation
  • check AI Image Generation
  • check Custom FTP Uploads


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about WebsiteAI? We've got answers. Dive into our FAQ section to learn more.

Website AI is a cutting-edge tool that assists in generating website content, designs, and layouts using artificial intelligence. It streamlines the website creation process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

You can access Website AI through our web platform. Simply sign up for an account, and you can start creating your website instantly!

Website AI offers a basic version that's free to use. We also have premium plans with additional features and capabilities for more advanced needs.

Website AI uses advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze user inputs and generate content that matches the desired theme and context of the website.

Absolutely! While Website AI provides initial content suggestions, you have full control to edit, modify, or replace any generated content to fit your needs.

Yes, data security is our top priority. We implement stringent security measures to ensure that your data is protected and never shared with third parties without your consent.